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Cheesy music or really stupid movies.

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I just posted 'The Price of Sobriety' on Wattpad!

Party girl Clarke is about to have a reality check. She’s about to skyrocket to fame, but her lifestyle is going to kill her. Kyle Richards is the lead singer in a popular band, but his choices are starting to threaten his career. Two of his band mates, Adam and Jordan take matters into their own hands and they do the same with Clarke. The three guys and Clarke were childhood friends, but fame took them away from her years ago. Kyle turned into a womanizer with a love for alcohol to hide his true feelings and Clarke spun out of control with drugs and her jerk boyfriend to forget everything bad. Adam and Jordan know her deepest secret, the reason for her actions and former best friend Adam can’t help in any way. Kyle and Clarke could have been perfect, but fame ruined it. Locked in a house together without cell phones or internet is a promise of war between the pair. Tears will be shed and truths will come out; it’ll be tests of will and strength. A journey of two people finding their way back to each other. With hardship and heartache, Clarke and Kyle will learn that they just may need each other to survive.